1 hour shoot: 150 euro (20-30 photos)
2 hour shoot: 250 euro (50-60 photos)
3 hour shoot: 300 euro (> 100 photos)

Holiday Family Photography:
Area Ronda: 280 euro (75-100 photos)
Depending on the weather and your wishes, we will choose the best and most interesting location. Quite often I will pick you up from your accommodation so you do not have to search for that, secret hidden place.

Parties, Products & Places
No one shoot is the same so please give me an idea of what you have in mind by clicking ask for quotation and I will come back to you within 12 hours.


My working area is Ronda (Andalucia) but I always like to discover new places. I really like to travel, feel free to suggest what you have in mind. Travelling costs would be charged depending on location.

Around Ronda I know so many great spots for shoots, from mountains, valleys, flower meadows and ruins to luxury hotels, villas or beautiful churches. It is all about what kind of style you prefer.

Editing time:
Like you, I like to see the results of the shoot as soon as possible. Therefore I always book time right after the shoot to do the editing. Within 12 hours you will receive some previews by whats-app or email. Once I have completed everything, all images are sent by wetransfer.

I offer books and prints. I can also produce post cards or invitations (for example for a birthday party, wedding  or communion). Please ask me for the options and prices.


If you want me to take a portrait, please think about what to wear. You may bring more outfits so we can do different looks. I love accessories by the way! I often bring some myself but if you have a favourite hat, shawl, pair of glasses, jacket, poncho, please bring it all. 
If it is a group shoot, it is always nice if you are in matching colours. Such as all in white with jeans, or all in the same colour but in different tones.

Make up:
Do your make up as you do in daily life. The more natural you look, the more natural you feel, and the better the photo! Depending on the type of shoot we might need to accentuate, for example, the eyes; so sometimes it can be useful to bring your make-up (and remover, just in case).

If I do the shoot at your location, please think about how it will look. For a villa or hotel, fresh flowers look lovely in images. Sometimes I will bring some props or decorations. Let’s talk about these details when we plan the shoot.


Your best image as your invitation! For your birthday party, your wedding, your baby-shower, your communion…. we create stylish postcards with or without a text.

Print outs

Through wetransfer I send you the images taken. If you like I can also supply prints. You can choose from a range of different sizes.


I can also create you an album! After you approval the images, I will make a design. My books are printed and are of high quality.